Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fan Clock

Folded hand-fan is one of the great creations in China, it has been used throughout the country. Today, fan no longer just a fan. It does not cool you down by waving it repeatedly at your face. Instead, it shows you the most important thing especially for people with hectic schedule, Time.

Another creation that proves that anything can be transformed from nothing to something that creates wealth and increases its value purely by creativity.

Unfortunately, folded hand-fan is originated in China but this modern design is from outside the mainland. It's designed by Stanislav Katz fromL atvia


This should be 10:10, not used to interprete the time

When it works,it looks like this

Monday, December 29, 2008

Concept watch - TIWE

There is a billionaire watch in my previous post and here comes another concept watch - TIWE.

TIWE is a concept watch designed by 吕中方(Lv Zhong Fang) in China year 2006. Sadly, this design is about 3 year old and not yet mass manufactured.

If you are interested in confusing others by the watch, you may contact 吕中方(Lv Zhong Fang) for mass production.

TIWE - Concept Watch

Dots are spread around in the watch, simply like stars in the sky

Now, shake it ! Tadaa~ You have the time now

Once you have confirmed a contract for producing TIWE, please do not hesitate to offer me with a special price, I love wearing it on my wrist.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sushi pillow - Not for serving purpose

I don't believe if you tell me you have never eaten sushi before ~ Japanese sushi is a very famous food in the world and the restaurant can be found in many places ! Due to its popularity, it widely spread throughout the world not only in food industry, even pillows are available in shape of Sushi.

I really am hungry now, don't feel like watching them again because I haven't taken anything into my stomach yet...

Sushi Pillow

Yummy yum...

Those are well prepared on the dining table

It looks so different treating it as a pillow

Eating raw too much may be harmful

Adding too much soy sauce may spoil the taste

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Emoticon addict

Dare you tell me you are not using any messenger? Probably yes, but most of people now do have a or few messenger accounts such as MSN, Yahoo messenger etc... During chatting with other, some love to add in emoticon to express yourself, although most of the time is a fake emotion :)

Personally, I don't enjoy chatting with people who use emoticon on alphabet. The cartoon or whatever pops up everything between the words, that's totally annoying and troublesome to read.

Anyway, if you can't live without using emoticon, this is the one for you !


It comes with 16 emoticon a set

Just plug in your USB cable, you can start emoticon-ing !

This should be more than enough for emoticon-addicts..

Another cute version, will it come out exactly same as above in messenger?

When you are bored with it, pick it out

then wear it on your hand ! I will never do that...

Emoticon-addicts, watch out your emoticon, don't use it between alphabet ~
So much appreciate ^^

Friday, December 26, 2008

Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertical

Is this a watch? Yes it is ! This is a real engineering masterpiece. 1,352 components 450 link chain working together in Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertical watch. This watch is definitely built for billionares, why say so? Because "TourBillion"...

If you are getting bored with your wrist watch and your saving in your bank, do consider sharing it with real photos with us.

Costing $275,000–$400,000, depending on style.

Last year productions totally sold out, they made about 4 watches per month this year..

Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertical watch

The diamond-encrusted version

black cylinder version in platinum

There are several varieties

Here showing you the components in detail

1,352 components 450 link chain !

Do we actually need to spend so much just to ensure you will be in time for meetings?

Spend your money wisely

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Please help the House

I have updated the templates of ths bloe - the page number at the bottom and Intense Debate (For commenting) into this blog. After adding it, I felt that the loading duration for this blog increased a lot. Even I cut down from 7 posts per page to 5 posts per page, it still the same.

So, I restored the original template and surprisingly, it's same for me !
Now I decided to go with the updated one and make a survey...

Please tell Jason

Is the loading duration longer than before? ( For regular visitors )


Is the loading speed fine compared with other sites? ( For new comers )

There is a poll on your right, click it will do..

Thank you! So much appreciate for your feed back


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


People must have get themselves ready to celebrate Christmas. While celebrating the party, you drink, you dance, you eat, you play, you shake !

For those who don't celebrate and do not have a chance to shake, you may shake it through your iPhone... What's it? Let the 28 seconds video clip explains your doubt...


Hope you enjoy your Christmas party !

~ Merry Christmas people ~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stackable Cabinet

Living in a small apartment with limited spaces? Here comes another design which is specially designed for small house. Just like a city, when space is getting smaller, people tend to build things higher and higher, that's how apartment come from. So, this brings the same concept ~

You can stack up as high as you can or split it out into few pieces depending on your decision

Stackable Cabinet

3 becoming one

Lovely wooden cabinet ^^

From this angle, the cabinet looks exactly same as the ordinary one, great job!

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Big Eye Needle

Ever tried so hard just to insert the thread into the needle's hole? You don't need a specifier now, this is what you need...

Designed by : Woo Moon-Hyung

Big Eye Needle

Isn't it too big?

Don't worry, it is totally flexible

Here is the instruction...

Obviously, this is not meant for me because I don't use it XD

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Specially for you, my friend !

To :

Please drop a comment to prove that you were here
Thank you :)

To : Readers

This post is specially for my old friends, nothing related with my blog title


I am glad that you finally clicked the link and reading this post, just afraid that you may just ignore my link.

How are you,my friend?

We are being separated apart almost a year time ( some of us ), that is too quick, isn't it?

The Asses' Land

The purpose of doing this is just to keep us in touch, we are getting busier with our hectic schedule and soon will be forgetting the past, and never return.

Just like...Where the hell is Jin Suk!?
And Joshua? hah...
Hmm, a good example.

Anyway, still remember I requested photos from you about a month ago? Haha, I thought of doing that long ago, procrastinating again? Hmm...

Let's review the past before watching the latest of you

Those were the days, we spent time together, we ate , we played, we acted, we fooled...

We always played, even though teachers were there. But we learned while we played ! Ermm?

We never stopped playing, even when having meal. En Ning proved everything...

Wohoo, Tris's birthday ~ It was great, wasn't it? Almost all of us was there except Joshua. It is always hard to gather all of us, wonder why. I remember that was once, BBQ in Beng's house, which was 100% attendance(excluding Jason)

This is for people who went to "Ling Xiu Xun Lian Ying"...

The activity after graduation.. Most of us left so early which lead to the lack of time organizing extra activities for ass-es.

Date : 8,9 March 2008
Location : Pantai Kerachut
Participant : CC, Jian Ye, Zhi Yang, Jason, TCB, En Ning, YQ, MH & MF

The Asses...You were leaving the Han Chiang

The girls version...!!!


Just a short gallery, hoping to hock up the old times, from your memories..

Let's listen to asses !


Hey guys, how are you doing? I'm doing fine here.

Life is keep changing, sometimes it is bad or good, happy or sad.
But memory is still remain the same. Asses are my memory forever!! take care.


unfortunately, i dunno wat i wan to say!! shame la!!


hiii asses..it's been a year we didn't meet each other..aniwae..our memories are still always popping in my brain..really was having fun with u all..errmm..it was just yesterday that i opened my graduation book and saw ur writings..rilli miss that time that i collected ur homework and saw the duplication of En ning or Mq's work, especially in Dota and Ah Lai's subjects,(hahazz...LOL)..I WANTED TO DO THE JOB AGAIN!!huhu..finally, best wishes yaa..

En Ning

Greeting* A great chance to remind you about our reunion at HCHS on 15th July 2023. Please take leave and buy airline ticket early enough. Hope to see you in the form of 'paired electron'.

**Edited by Jason**

Shu Xiang

hi assthree...had u all update ur bad word...???i miss u all...one year we graduated ald...wat u all doing now?


lets piss the world off together!!


after graduate ,,,i really very mizz them than b4 ah !!!haizz,,,,,,hope them can happy everyday lar


victory shall be mine!


Hey Assies, I miss u guys.. Take care always.. Love, Tris

Ye Qi

once assed, always assed.. peace asses.. miss ya all


hey people, still miss and love u guys as much=') fei and hang sends their misses too!=)

Wan Ting

- Text Missing -


Hi, how are you ^^? I really hope to see you all again, hang out in gurney, redbox, hiking and most important, doing stupid yet meaningful stuffs to us~

Feng Theng

He asses, she asses, we ASS!!!
don't stop ass-ing =D
miss you guys


Josh am overcoming the fear of is having no feared. he are gets bored veryly easy. but overally, he are been doing fine. he wanteds the butts society to be worryed about for him.

Missing in Action

Jin Suk
Wei Lun
Feng Theng

Please contact Jason for updating your picture, if you bother to keep in touch with us..


Overall, that's all...

The Noobies Year 2005

No more noobies 2006

The Day You Stood Still

Kevin said : All the forgettable will be forgotten, but asses are unforgettable !©

Please bear it in mind

Reunion at HCHS on 15th July 2023

The end...


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