Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tower Chopper Kitchen Gadget

Tang tang~ Today we have a gadget ( Progressive International Tower Slicer ) for dummies who can't slice a potato well. Maybe you want to have some slices of oranges which are in perfect shape before your mother-in-law reaching your house, this is your right choice. It is convenient, safe and fast to cut any fruit or vegetable that can fit in the "bottle". The external cover of the bottle is to trap the juice from spreading out.

It costs ~$15 for one. I may consider one if it is ~RM15...

Here is the instruction

Take out the cover and get your fruits ready

Here we have some lemon slices.

Lastly, we have the cucumbers ~ It is too thick to be your facial mask : )


Borneo Falcon said...

Cool invention

the spool artist said...

whoa! i wanna have one too!

renaye said...

that's so cool and if it's RM15, it's pretty cheap.

Johnny Ong said...

for people who likes to cook, this won't interest them at all

marccus said...

USD 15 ya, keke
it really look nice, safe and clean =)

LIZZIE said...

Sometimes, we get too lazy and invent things to save "time" just so that we can do what? New inventions are good, I'm not saying it's bad, but instead of us focusing on nugatory inventions, why not focus on something that could help change the world into something "better", not just "easier".

But then, that's just my opinion.

marccus said...

USD 15 ya.. haha
It really look nice, safe, clean =)

Jason Law said...

Falcon : Yup, pretty nice

Spool : Sure, it is just $15, still affordable ^^

Renaye : Ya~ Maybe signing a mass production contract with China factory to get Rm15

Johnny : i think so, the knife is their main tools. there are plenty of people who don't cook ~

Marccus : Mind to be the first white rat here?

Lizzie : The problem is, things that help changing the world better won't be invented easily. There are still plenty of "better" invention out there, we may not know. I think constant improvement is the way to improve the world. I believe "better" and "easier" do have a strong relation between them. Cheer :)

Johnny Ong said...

if they dont cook, they wont buy haha

Jason Law said...

lol~ i mean who are not good in cooking XD~ maybe slicing skill. haha

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