Monday, December 29, 2008

Concept watch - TIWE

There is a billionaire watch in my previous post and here comes another concept watch - TIWE.

TIWE is a concept watch designed by 吕中方(Lv Zhong Fang) in China year 2006. Sadly, this design is about 3 year old and not yet mass manufactured.

If you are interested in confusing others by the watch, you may contact 吕中方(Lv Zhong Fang) for mass production.

TIWE - Concept Watch

Dots are spread around in the watch, simply like stars in the sky

Now, shake it ! Tadaa~ You have the time now

Once you have confirmed a contract for producing TIWE, please do not hesitate to offer me with a special price, I love wearing it on my wrist.


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