Friday, December 5, 2008

REK bookcase - Clean the dust

The REK bookcase by Reinier de Jong, the modern design that highly flexible to fit your limit space in your house. You can adjust the capacity you want to meet the requirement of the users. The glossy looks of the furniture may beautify your living hall...


  • Elasticity for adjustment
  • Gorgeous Design

  • Too many interval in between which consumes the volume of storage
  • It must be troublesome

REK bookcase

Put some efforts when cleaning it :)

Designed by : Reinier de Jong


PUSANG-gala said...

really is the design hope I can find one like that in the Philippines.keke

Jason Law said...

Yea...the designer is creative. Beware of the price ! :D

JOE E. said...

fantastic design! i hv no problems with the lack of practicality cos in this case it's a victory of form over function. :)

marccus said...

I like this bookcase =)
very nice.

Jason Law said...

JoeE : Ic, hope to see more interesting hope from your site :D

marccus : Yea, this is great. Thank you so much marccus for telling me the widget code, so much appreciate!

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