Saturday, December 27, 2008

Emoticon addict

Dare you tell me you are not using any messenger? Probably yes, but most of people now do have a or few messenger accounts such as MSN, Yahoo messenger etc... During chatting with other, some love to add in emoticon to express yourself, although most of the time is a fake emotion :)

Personally, I don't enjoy chatting with people who use emoticon on alphabet. The cartoon or whatever pops up everything between the words, that's totally annoying and troublesome to read.

Anyway, if you can't live without using emoticon, this is the one for you !


It comes with 16 emoticon a set

Just plug in your USB cable, you can start emoticon-ing !

This should be more than enough for emoticon-addicts..

Another cute version, will it come out exactly same as above in messenger?

When you are bored with it, pick it out

then wear it on your hand ! I will never do that...

Emoticon-addicts, watch out your emoticon, don't use it between alphabet ~
So much appreciate ^^

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