Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tester of your dirty brain

Omg, what is that !?

Why is it with furs ?

Why am I posting this!?


It is just a baby panda...

What was that in your mind?

Smile with you day ^ ^


ELendil said...

I never baby panda looks like that...Btw how did you get it?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahaa it's one wicked picture, dude.

Ashley Two Fish said...

where is the eyes?

oh... i thought it's a mutated baby cactus plant hahaha...see, I'm innocent!

Kerubin said...

huh baby panda!!?? interesting....

Tianren said...

haha wtf. baby pandas look like shit

Cathy said...

baby panda??you sure ah????i didnt know baby panda look like that..

woot..i am still innocent...HAHA

NICOLE. said...

I thought it was an animal's paw!
And I can't see how it looks like a baby panda.

Jason-L said...

Elendil - I received it from my mail, i never seen a real one before ..

Vanilla - Hahah, it got you ^^

Ashley - Must be at the opposite direction. LOL...! Really? Is that your true words ~? haha

Kerubin - very swt isn't it

Tianren - LoL! baby panda found another dirty mind ~

Cathy - Don't know, but confirm it is a baby animal. Innocent,serious? haha

Nicole - Just wait,until it grows up ... lol

Cathy said...

of course..!!

as innocent as the baby animal...HAHA

Wenjie said...

i tot it was a dick! omg..

Jason Law said...

That's the trick !!

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