Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stackable Cabinet

Living in a small apartment with limited spaces? Here comes another design which is specially designed for small house. Just like a city, when space is getting smaller, people tend to build things higher and higher, that's how apartment come from. So, this brings the same concept ~

You can stack up as high as you can or split it out into few pieces depending on your decision

Stackable Cabinet

3 becoming one

Lovely wooden cabinet ^^

From this angle, the cabinet looks exactly same as the ordinary one, great job!

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maslight said...

that's one kewl cabinet

jasonmighty said...

That's another cabinet I would love to have ... from your blog ... lol

Andrew said...

owh nice design wo.... but my room no place to put d... LOL =D haha... and the design is suitable for those whose house is very whitish coulour wan.. damn nice! haha

Muhd Naim said...

wow. cool.

Jason Law said...

maslight - Ya,nice one

anotherjason - Hahah,but both are not available in this blog ^^"

andrew - yeaa~maybe can look for similarity in IKEA ..

naim - yaa~~

Johnny Ong said...

all this furnitures shown is not cheap man ....... i checked the price already

Jason Law said...

Omg...after converting to MYR..
81,900円 = RM3156.8974 wth

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