Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The global warming pool

As the global warming issue is widely discussed,HSBC grabbed the opportunity to adertize its brand and contributed awareness to the public. The pool is built in Mumbai, India, where the recent terrorist attacks happened. This unique idea was conceived by Ogilvy & Mather to promote HSBC £50million project tackling climate change.

New York city is under water ! A red alert to warn people start taking care of the environment,otherwise the glacier will melt and cover the entire planet.

For the sake of our grandchildren,please make some contribution to the planet earth

Global warming awareness

You can even swim on top the New York city when it really happens :(

People are curious how the city look like when it is fully covered by the water.
Do you want it happen in your own city?

Think again

To do some tiny contribution to the earth,
you may refer,

How to make garbage enzyme - CazzyCazz



Borneo Falcon said...

I start to like this pool and would like to take a dip into it

Jason Law said...

Doesn't it look scary? Haha...Can't even know how deep it is~

SaleSg said...

Very creative idea from Ogilvy. It really bring the message across to me. - Where Saving Can Be Easy

Jason Law said...

Yea, they did a great job. People should pay more attention for our planet earth, the condition is getting worse now..

Wilson Ng said...

I dun mind jumping to dat lovely pool...

Jolene said...

hi,i am a visitor. btw, really it would be a global warming?

Johnny Ong said...

i can volunteer to swim for the hsbc advert

Jason Law said...

Maybe Wilson and Johnny can be the volunteers to swim for the ads XD...Do you guys swim? haha...

Jolene : Yea, it is getting worsen and people are trying to solve the problems. Still there are people who ruin the entire planet earth...It is current issue,anything can be happened soon if no proper solution available..

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