Monday, December 15, 2008

A cute little penguin

As I mentioned in my previous post, this blog is becoming an animal blog. Now, we have another animal story . The main actor today is the penguin ! It is really cute and totally not afraid of people, maybe just for the sake of its life ( you will understand soon ).

Since I am posting a video, why shall I talk so much? See how the penguin did its best job for surviving ^^"

A lucky penguin

Do your best in your life, it changes everything.

Never give up, like the penguin


LadyBie said...

wah~ soo impressed by the peguin! Im gonna start my new lifewith full motivation tomorrow!

Clarisse Teagen said...

Nice one for the morning. :)

renaye said...

ah~~~ the boat is such a lifesaver! good fortune!

Shafiq Hakim said...

Ahaha what a cute penguin XD

Jason Law said...

LadyBie - You must start it today, coz tomorrow never comes...

Teagen - Haha..cute one

Renaye - Yaa, the penguin looks so innocent when it boarded on the boat~lol

Shafiq Hakim - Yaaa ! Found another cute penguin, kinda old already, but will post to share..

Fresh7788 said...

Oh dear....the penguin's really really cute. In such a situation, usually it would have been dead by now, bobbing around the ocean like that, cute. But then the orcas didnt really seems to be that eager or aggressive in trying to attack, eat him. Kinda cute that he jumped onto the boat, or did they pull him in ? Nice video ! (:

Jason Law said...

Ya ! It attracted me so much, that's what made me post it out..Maybe it doesn't seem like aggressive because of its size and movement? Clumsy one..

I don't think they pull or catch it up~ The penguin looks so innocent and not afraid at all, just like treating them as friends..

I enjoy watching animal videos, I hope you too. ~

leo7_lion said...

lol, give up = over

Wenjie said...

they are so lucky to see this..

Jason Law said...

Lion - So we shall never give up !

WJ - Yea ~ It's so cute...!

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