Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spy Lens - Shy no more

What a spy gadget? I love this very much but I don't have the chance to use it, at least, for now. I have no D-SLR camera ! Now we have "Super-Secret Spy Lens" to capture photo without permission from others.

"People have a sixth sense for knowing when someone's taking their photo". I totally agree with this ! Some people are just so stubborn, don't allow people take even a picture of him/her. I wonder why some people just don't like to take picture, although the one is physically perfect.

With this on hard, you can snap anything you want, don't be too obvious anyway...

Super-Secret Spy Lens

The spy lens ~ I believe you understand how it work

Honestly, to me, it is quite obvious if you look at it

Tang daaa~ it fits perfectly with Nikon DSLR

Pay more attention to others' cameras next time, ensuring it is an ordinary lens !


Shafiq Hakim said...

this is sooo cool. dangerous if it falls into the hands of some hamsap guy though. lol.

Kelvin Uy said...

this camera is for papparazzis.LOL

Jason Law said...

Shafiq : A very good tool for hamsap guy ! Beware ..

Kelvin : Their perfect gadget! Very good invention ~

niar said...

nice blog here...
it's much more about good things and creativity..good work

Jason Law said...

thanks niar~ I admire and enjoy others' creations, feel free to visit again. :)

Wassup2all said...

dude, i think anyone would see the obvious hole in the camera "lens"

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