Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cute phone

Are you getting bored with the ordinary design of the mobile phone available in the markets? Nokia,it is purely classic. SE, they always look the same. PDA phone, just another fat-boy phone with some "advance" function.

If "cute" is your preference, you may love this. It is designed by Joseph Liang from Taiwan who has got few awards from Motorola company.

A concept phone designed for Motorola. I don't think it is available or being manufactured.

Here comes the protector/cover for the phone, isn't it weird?

Personally, I don't prefer this design. Maybe "fat-boy" is my preference

Designer : Joseph Liang


leo7_lion said...

I never see this kind of design b4, great!!

Jason Law said...

yeaaa~ just wonder people like it or not...the design is somehow "special"

Blackie007 said...

I think it looks a bit like a cat's head, with two little "ears" on top. It reminds me of Doraemon, or am I going nuts and seeing cats in everything I see??? hahaha.

Wenjie said...

how do u find those funny and cool stuff de?? wat website?? lol?

Jason Law said...

Hahaha...blackie you are really in cats !Check out my post..Cat's USB ports...

To wen jie : Check your mail ^^

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