Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lightdrops Umbrella

Walking alone at night is dangerous, especially rainy night. People can hardly notice you at night, some more if you are wearing dark-colored-shirt and a black umbrella..

Isn't it creepy? We need to lighten up ourselves, in case of being bang by stupid drivers. So, you need an umbrella for the rain, and torchlight for the light. That's not a practical way to lighten yourselves. Now, we have a solution , the Lightdrops Umbrella , an umbrella designed by Sang-Kyun Park !

This is an ordinary looking umbrella which carries an intelligent membrane converting the energy from falling raindrops to the LED light, the heavier the rain is, the brighter the LED shines...Very smart invention !

LightDrops Umbrella

They finally see you...You are safe from road accident, hopefully

When the rain is lighter...

It gets brighter when the rain is heavy ~

Designer : Sang-Kyun Park


leo7_lion said...

That is certainly a beneficial invention^^ I think he should invents glowing raincoat too..

Muhd Naim said...

cool umbrella. it will surely be good if got glowing cars. cars that glows at nite. like a ghost car.

vincent said...

cool invention!

KOKahKOK said...

keng.... very creative.....

Borneo Falcon said...

This is designed with safety in mind. Would like to have one

Jason Law said...

Lion - Oh?Never thought of that..Hmm..That may work but should be quite troublesome.

Naim - Lol...Just get extra light bulb and stick at the surface of your car

Vincent,Kok - Yea~!

Falcon - Me too,must be expensive

Anonymous said...

wei this is scary leh... if its so dark.. drivers might think its a GHOST UMBRELLA!!! lol

Jason Law said...

Haahha...! At least the driver won't bang at the "ghost", that saves your life!

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