Friday, December 12, 2008

A lovely cat

I laughed at myself when I was posting this out. Because my blog is becoming an animal blog. Whenever I found some interesting video to share with you guys recently, most of them are animal-related ! lol... But this is really a touching one, the cat is really cute and the rabbit is so lucky to have a special mother.

Shall I change my blog title to "The house of animals" ? XD

A lovely cat

Even two different species of animals can live in harmony, why not we, human?


streptococcus pneumoniae said...

im the 1st to comment!!so touching mummy cat....

Borneo Falcon said...

Nice cat. Don't differentiate the rabbits with its own kind

Johnny Ong said...

yr sis must have threatened u to blog abt cats ....... pity u

Muhd Naim said...

awww man...cute!

Jason Law said...

Pneumoniae : Ya, very sweet one.

Falcon : What a warm animal, very cute right~

Johnny : Hahah~! Only Cazzy and I know the truth XD

Naim : Yaaa~ You can adopt cat and rabbit at the same time,next time

CazzyCazz said...

WTH??? Kekekek.. Did i?? :P

Elendil said...

Don't worry, post like this is just nice^^

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