Thursday, December 18, 2008

How to make a baby

When we talk about sex, people tend to be very narrow minded especially Asians. Since when your parents or teachers started teaching you regarding sex education? A proper sex education in a country is a must. An appropriate sex educating may present unwanted pregnancy or the correct attitude towards sex.

If I were right, these are Germany kindergarten book. I was surprised at first, after watching it, I realized this is the appropriate way to educate the young one, from the very young age...

Aren't we too narrow minded?

Let's see...

Germany Kindergarten Book

"How to make a baby"

Step 1 : Find a partner

Step 2 : Take off the shirts, then stick your lips together

Step 3 : While sticking your lips, enter the long-attachment into the hole

Step 4 : Now, you have to wait for about 10 months, be patient

Step 5 : When she feels pain, bring her to the nearest hospital

Step 6 : Push the baby out of her stomach

Congratulation, your long waited baby has finally arrived. You are now officially a daddy and mummy !

What a great book to teach the very young one~ Hahaha XD !


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

funny lol!! omg..

Anonymous said...

omg! this is simply hilarious. although very interesting. I think that if education in kindergarden here has these kinds of books, parents would deff freak out. lol

Blackie007 said...

Jason!! You'r underaged!! This is not for your eyes, least of all for you to write!!! muahahahahha!!!!

LIZZIE said...

Omygoodness.. This is adult content!


Do they really make this kind of books? Are you sure it's for the kids or for the adults' enjoyment actually? I don't think kids that young would even have that kind of erection and to even understand what hole to find!


This is absurd! Is this really a sex education or a "too much information and exposure"?

Seriously though, why do we need to expose kids as early as in kindergarten to this sort of information? I wouldn't say that we're too narrow minded to keep certain things, especially things that are sacred and beautiful as sex (well, they whole nine yards one, not the quickie or ONS) to when they could really appreciate it. Times when kids have developed and could understand to love not only the opposite sex's body but also their own.

That's why we have too many social problems because we act as if sex is just another simple noncommittal thing to know and get over with. Instead of implementing moral values, we lay out everything in cold hard reality - and to kindergarteners for that fact!

That's why kids as young as 11 years old are losing their virginity today. That's why there are more and more young mothers in the world today. That's why there's all sorts of STDs circulating today.

Sad, so sad.
(*In this matter, I am a little conservative la. Haha*)

Johnny Ong said...

the political parties in m'sia will make lots of noise with such obscene pictures. the book won't pass censorship

Borneo Falcon said...

Wonder whether the children will be able to comprehend some parts of the book. Ha.... Ha....

Andrew said...

haha.. jason!! very very,.. interesting!! LOL =D

shaxx said...

Can we buy that book here? I want one for my son...

LadyBie said...

Ooooo..wonder how am I actually gonna tell my kids (if i have any..

reanaclaire said...

yes, i seen this email before.. i think i will show it to my doter one day...maybe tomorrow..maybe the next.... the next.

Ashley Two Fish said...

wont pass BN, wont pass DAP, wont pass MIC, wont pass MCA, wont pass Keadilan, wont pass Pakatan, wont pass at all.

but i think it's a good book to educate the young in primary school. they need to know basic facts about reproduction.

for the longest time i thought if u lie in bed can get baby cuz thats what i saw on those TVB dramas! haaahaaa

Jason Law said...

Crazyfool - Hahah

Dar_Ling - LOL...Ya, that's true, don't think the kids understand

Blackie007 - LOL, then you should write one, you are more qualified than me. Lol

Lizzie - Honestly, I don't think this is kindergarten book. Exposing them during kindergarten may be too much for them, but educating them in the young age may lead them to a proper understanding towards sex. Of course, adults shouldn't just teaching the kids about sex withing implementing the moral value! So, that's the responsibilities for the old one ^_^"..
If parents really teach in an appropriate way, I believe the social problems will be reduced ~

Johnny - Hahah...Curi curi import few copies, then use for pricate tuition- -

Falcon - Don't think so XD

Andrew - Thank you andrew ^^

Shaxx - Sorry, I'm not selling here ><

LadyBie - Hmm, just leave it there, they won't understand though?hahah

reanaclaire - Ya, I received from email too. LOL...hope she wont ask too much~ hahah

Ashley - LOL ~!! Hahahah~ Yayaya, TVB doesn't teach much~ funny la you

Jonathan Fun said...

Haha. I think I've seen this in one of the forwarded emails. Germany really is very open in education :-) Imagine if we have this in M'sia. The author will kena ISA! Haha..

safehaven said...

ahh???/ dont tell me they use this to teach kindergarten students? pre-school??

Anonymous said...

haha this is so interesting! =P

Jason Law said...

Jonathan - Yea,I received this from my mail too. LOL! do they really educate with this??

Safehaven - Hahah..I am not sure,honestly~

KenWooi - Yaaa ^^~

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