Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Malaysian government reduced petrol price

Malaysian government has cut the petrol price by 5%.

The latest price

RON97 - From RM2 per litre to RM1.90 per litre

RON 92 - From RM1.90 per litre to RM1.80 per litre

Diesel - From RM1.90 per litre to RM1.80 per litre

It takes immediate effect at 12am 2 Dec 2008. This is the 6th times the government decrease the petrol oil.

petrol price reduction from rm 2 00 to 1 90 against world crude oil price 021208

Government should reduce the price more than the current one to benefit and help the people during the recession instead of gaining profit while international crude oil price is low



LittleTea said...

great news(:

slumbeRAJA said...

we should get cheaper price based on current crude oil.

Jason Law said...

That is definitely a great news.Like slumbeRAJA said, we should go cheaper but we cant make our own decision. Too bad

Johnny Ong said...

its abt time. they have taken too long to do so

leo7_lion said...

Althought the petrol price gets cheaper, all foods that were increased their price b4 never get cheaper...what should we do? Shouldn't we make a sound out of that case?

Jason Law said...

It is just too long and still they are enjoying with the current price

Maybe this is the economy? Once the price increased, it can hardly decrease again...

LIZZIE said...

Why didn't they just not increase it in the first place? When the people start to complain, then they make up so many stories and try to reduce the prices bit by bit to get back the people's confidence.

They should think first before happily increase prices like nobody's business. Now that the recession is knocking on our door, prices of food/groceries still not decreasing, then how are we to cope? Esp being in a high cost living area?

Jason Law said...

Even they decided to raise the price, they shouldn't raise it all in a sudden with the shocking increase. Reducing the price many times doesn't show your sincerity. The government tend to ignore the people and do whatsoever they want just to satisfy themselves. If they enjoy, then who suffer?

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