Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome my friends

I set up the blog with the previous template at the very beginning. Trying hard to edit the HTML code with my finite knowledge, failed and failed again. This orangy template is my third one. Anyway,I am Jason Law, currently studying in Tunku Abdul Rahman college - Penang branch campus. An ordinary person who loves funny,innovative and creative stuffs. Most importantly, music !

The purpose of this blog is to collect interesting stuffs I found on the Net and my personal record. Just about - Everything ! Also, I hope to keep in touch with my friends via this blog.Especially those who are living hundred miles away from me, "Ass-es" ! :) Seeing comments dropped by different people, especially old friends, makes me smile..

If you are new to me, don't feel strange or shy,just chat! Don't hesitate question me anything regarding the blog/me etc...

Name : Jason Law
Age : 19 (20 soon)
D.O.B : 17-7-1989
Location : Malaysia
Province : Penang
Interested in : Music, weird funny stuffs, finance, games, computer.. there are more!
Occupation : Student ( TAR college, mentioned above )

That's all right?

Ohkay,I'm going to stop by here. See you around,my old and new friends !


What you are doing now will be history tomorrow

Ass-es : Friends who studied in Science year 1 and 2 with me. S1,2 = Ass-es.


Anonymous said...

ahahh wenjie here.. i support u lol.. hahaha that google one is quite cool hope one day can work there..

Jason Law said...

hahah~thanks man ^^! I remember you have your own website right? Yea,me too...Even just to do some "low grade" work...I really don't mind ^^

Anonymous said...

No la.. i do for fun de.. not blogspot.. but i plan to build one Blogspot up soon..haha hope u can drop by.

Jason Law said...

oh sure ~ You are good in design,the layout must be something different ! hope to see it soon~ Drop me your link when you have done ^^

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