Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kick and goooooooal

SamePaperPlayAgain, is a creation by Clement Eloy. Creator of "Hotdoll : sex doll for dogs". He doesn't not create a dogporn this time. Instead, he designed a wastebasket to encourage people to recycle unwanted papers. It is designed to kill your freetime in office as well. Especially for people who loves to kick , you should get it and place in your office. Hopefully your boss doesn't mind you kick when you work.

Personally, I don't think it is much practical as you can see the capacity isn't big enough. What is the purpose to kick it if you can simply throw to your wastebasket? I will still buy it because of the design and creativity.

Same Paper PlayAgain

It has a weird name

Just kick and...Goooooall !

Is throwing your papers away by using hand that hard?

Finally, recycle your paper and don't waste it. Something encourages us to recycle, it gains a credit

Designer : Clement Eloy [gizmodo]


Glenn Ong said...

This one's cool! I wonder where I can buy that! I also love the color GREEN! :D


Jason Law said...

I wonder too. will be kicking the paper for sure

shy blogger said...

Cool ..
But I can't do it at my office..
Boss will angry at me..

Jason Law said...

that bad, you should get it for your boss. when he starts to kick,you have your permission ^^

Ron Jerem Lee said...

these stuffs are nice and cute. but often costs a bomb

Jason Law said...

Yupe, creative stuffs always expensive... That's how they earn?

Blackie007 said...

It'll be the perfect slave for my Blackie....meow!!

Anyway, just to let you know, you've been tagged....muahahaha!!!

renaye said...

haha. very good for releasing stress.

another way to release stress is put a person's picture that u dislike on the goal part and then keep on kicking paper balls into it as a way of hitting the person that u dislike. oops. learnt that from a calendar playing basketball.

Jason Law said...

To blackie: you are bad ~ :( anyway,i have posted the reply..hahah...weird one !

To Renaye : Yea, that's a great idea. But I don't think it is working for me, I always miss when I kick ...

Johnny Ong said...

my boss will definitely kick my ass if he sees me fooling around with rubbish

Jason Law said...

lol ! That is really funny if I see the workers kicking papers in the office.. just do it when your boss not there :)

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