Saturday, November 22, 2008

Be the man, rescue the fire !

What if....

You come back from work as usual, finishing your dinner with your lovely partner. Before ending the exhausting day, you want to have some fun with him/her. So, you start begging your partner and finally he/she responds ! You think you may have fun with him/her...

Suddenly !

People shout : "Fire ! my house on fire !"

What should you do?

1.) Continue having fun

2.) Call the fire department

3.) Be the hero !

If you choose...

1.) Continue having fund

Today headline - "Couple was burned to death, unwillingly to evacuate while having fun"

2.) Call the fire department

You know... The performance of fire department in Malaysia really is bad. By the time it arrives, part of your house must have destroyed ! It used to delay and you better run for your live when waiting for arriving.

3.)Be the hero !

Want to prove yourself and save the world? That's easy ! You need 2 things...

Some extra courage?

And...a fire extinguisher ?

Hak ! Not this one...

Here is it !

Tang tang !

"The Shooter fire extinguisher"

Woohoo..that's cool right?

You can control the distance, according to the illustration/

This is pretty cool !

This is a brilliant idea ! People can extinguish the fire and keep some distance at the same time for safety purpose

The rubber bullets contain CO2 that can extinguish fire. There will be no fire if there is lacking of oxygen.

The gun contains 8CO2 bullets and can be recharged ? Oh...wonder how...

Finally, firemen arrives and saves their lives...The gun alone is not - -


Johnny Ong said...

this gadget is really unique. don't think its available in m'sia

Jason Law said...

Yea, that is cool if available here~ It must be a new product and not widely used yet

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