Saturday, November 29, 2008

The very special person on stage

This was my long-waited day, he has finally arrived. I was so excited when I firstly saw the advertisement from newspaper informing us that this very special person is visiting us, in Malaysia. I have waited for a month just to witness his arrival. Quickly after my class, I rushed to Queensbay mall. Very lucky, it was the last session he will be on the stage.

Who is the special person?

There were lots of people over there, grabbing their DSLR and compact digital. I was a bit too late to get in the perfect position for capturing the special one. Struggling to snap some pictures.

This little boy was curiously starring at me. "Who is that weird Koko?"

Still, who is the special one? Let's see...


Woohoo ! I was waiting him to arrive for about a month ! He is totally automated, an intelligent robot. He greeted us with his cute cartoon-liked voice in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Asimo is showing off his running ability. Believe or not? They spent over 20 years just to perfect the balance of walking and running. There are still rooms for improvement.

He paints it ! He didn't actually paint it, just showing the ability of grabbing the brush and waiving on the paper.

He asked the M.C : "Could you pass the brush for me?"

Now, he can dance ! It was "Raya Sayang" - Malaysian classic. People were follow his dance steps. He can stand on only one leg.

Haha..The most common movement I think.

There will be a team of Asimos running on the field during EPL or world cup, maybe?

He is meant to serve you. Are you thirsty?

He was turning his body, walking towards to the people

That's brilliant !

They allowed few lucky families to snap some pictures with Asimo.

Asimo bye bye ! He loves to say "thank you, terima kasih"

Asimo keychain, shirts and dolls were available during the roadshow.

Asimo in detail
Asimo - A humanoid robot invented by Honda. It started with 2 legs walking machine EO 1986 until Asimo 2000-current.

Asimo was announced in year 2000. He is now still under development.

I am happy to see the technology nowadays is getting more advance. It reminds me of the movie "i-robot". Do you still remember the story? In the story, robots were built to serve human. Years after R&D, they can even make decision according the THREE LAWS.

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Ended up, the robots tried to dominate the world. Because the robots know that human will be extincted if the human are repeating what they are doing again.(Maybe...nuclear effect, war or what? I can't totally remember about the storyline). Robots started to control human with their overwhelming abilities. Human started to fight against robots which were initially designed for serving the human...

After watching the roadshow, it really made me feel like watching a movie, the revolution of technology and science. Will it happen in the real world, like the movie, or any other novel?

A potential incident in the future?

When scientists in some bunker in the year 2525 are trying to determine when humanity handed over the keys to the robot overlords, December 11, 2007, may be a good date, for on this day, Honda announced it had given its ASIMO servant robots three key abilities. Here we break them down, and provide a "Future Shock" analysis of each:

Autonomous battery charging - Honda developed a Borg-like charging bay for ASIMO. When the robot's battery level drops to a certain point, it seeks out the closest bay.
Future Shock: Seeking a power source is the first step towards domination, Coppertop.

Avoiding oncoming people - ASIMO sees an oncoming person through its eye camera, judges its inertia, guesses its speed and path, then either changes course to steer clear, or simply takes a step back.
Future Shock: If they're taught subservience, they start questioning their predestined role. Also, doesn't this sound a lot like targeting?

Working together - This involves constant sharing of relevant data between networked ASIMOs, and a survey of which robot is closest to the most pressing task, and what his battery life status is. Among them, they "decide" which one is best suited to go in and do the job.
Future Shock: If I have to explain to you why robots working together could be a bad thing, well, you're probably already dead.



Asimo Advertisement

Asimo Review

It is creepy sometime, yet, still eager to see improvements in the latest tech.


CazzyCazz said...

This is brilliant!!!Lucky you to be able to witness the greatest invention of mankind!! He is so cute!!

Jason Law said...

Yeaa ! I went to visit him after my class. luckily I made it on time. If i am right, he visited 1Utama on 16nov. wonder when will it be available

Johnny Ong said...

a little more tweak at those mechanical joints will def improve the robots. i wont be surprised if this happens within the next few yrs

Jason Law said...

Ya,more tweak at those joints means better flexibility also greater complexity in calculation. wonder when can it jump without damaging its component XD

renaye said...

wow. u really went all the way there just to meet it? i only read in the newspaper a few week ago. but of course the feeling of being there and looking at the pictures is soooo different.

Jason Law said...

Yea yea ! Purposely went there just for witness the cute robot. have been waiting for about a month. it is not so often to see Asimo roadshow,so I must grab the opportunity ^^

renaye said...

wow. what dedication. i don't think i would even go and stalk my fav idol if he ever comes to malaysia. i just wish i have the courage. XD

Jason Law said...

ohhh,why not?you should go for what you like.courage?close your eyes and run towards the things you want.stop thinking other factors ^

renaye said...

thanks for the encouragement. i have been trying to come out from my shell and recently i have been doing things that i dare not do. so yea maybe i will do what u did!

Jason Law said...

you are welcome. it's good getting out from the shell and expose yourself to what you never do before. post it out when you finally did it :)

Trinie said...

ASIMO run fast eh? lol i wanna take a pic with Asimo too! T___T

Jason Law said...

not bad,as a is like jogging :) ~ only the lucky one can take picture with him ~ ><

zool said...

I hope I can buy one..
But I'm just a poor blogger..
How can I get money to buy it..\

Jason Law said...

Hahah..neither me can buy it. It is still not available in the market. It looks pretty high-tech for now but still need to improve a lot more before selling to the market

renaye said...

haha. okok. i will post it if i do it. but one of the things i did recently was to ask questions in a conference. this is something i don't do at all in conferences.

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