Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pleo - Your pet dinasour

I recently read about "Pleo" in a magazine, that really amazed me ! We people, always love to have some pets and home despite the troublesome of taking care of them. Having pets means responsibility, feeding them, clearing their poos, and ensuring their health condition. It is so heartbreaking if your pets past away. There is a solution now ! Don't get yourselves a dog,cat or other animal, buy a Pleo ! A dinosour - Robotic dinosour pet ! is really cool ! I hope to buy one at home ~ We don't need to feed it but it comes and begs for food ,just like a real pet.

Amber Chia holding Pleo, the cute little dinasour~

Here are the videos


- 6 processors
- 14 motors
- 40 over sensors
- no remote control
- Own artificial intelligence

It is about ~$350, not that cheap compared with a real pet

It is on sales in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.



audrey said...

he or she's reli cute><
XD but I wouldn;t hope dat one day our animals go extinct n we make robots out of em~
but.. HE/SHE'S still RELI CUTE>< XD

Jason Law said...

yeaa...I was thinking about that ~
Since everything is going to be robots ><~

hahah...really cute! hope have it at home,it is really expensive too !

audrey said...

yea~ make urself one XD or make us one XD

Jason Law said...

wahh...$349 worrr~ This is my future toy ><" not now..hahah~ there will be more choices in the future ^^

JOE E. said...

pretty cool gadget, but i think they're a bit outdated. wowee toys, d company that made the robosapien already came up with a robot dinosaur long ago. still, nice effort by a local company...

Jason Law said...

JoeE,it's not outdated at all. Robosapien's dinosaur comes with remote control and pleo does not need it at all. Pleo react to the environment and Robosapen's dino can't do it. They are actually 2 different product to be compared

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