Thursday, November 20, 2008

BamGoo the BamBoo car !

Ehem...I love things that are creative,innovative and also environment friendly and I found another thing to share with you guys while surfing the Internet.

BamGoo car !

Just about 60kg!

Cool right? This BamGoo car is made by bamboo. The weight is only 60kg! Omg...even lighter than me ! Hahah...Don't let me see one of these car parking beside the road. Surely I take it back with help of my friends.

Charge it !

This electrical car is displayed in Kyoto city, Japan on Nov. 2, 2008. It can run about 50km on a full charge. I am not sure about the maximum speed.

Enjoy the movie!

I may get one if it is cheap enough. Maybe driving around my house but make sure you buy a good lock to avoid your car being moved away...It's just too light !

what do you think about it?shout it out !


TNH said...

well..if accident happen..sure it can't save your life.With the weight of 60kg, the engine must be very light..

Jason Law said...

yupe ! so, it is better for you to drive somewhere nearby ur house which has lesser cars. maybe driving to market for some grocery. somehow,speed limit must be very low XD

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