Sunday, November 16, 2008

Save the blinds !

Imagine one day, sky is never be seen again. You don't like dark, but it is always filling your world with darkness. Visibility is no longer available, it is history...

How can those people live without light?! That is totally horrible terrible ~ I have sympathy for those are blind. Don't worry, technology saves your another day! VoiceStick has invented a very useful product for blinds !

She is reading a book ! As you see, she is reading a book by using the VoiceStick.

The shape is just like another mp3 player or simply a recorder

Translating to braille is just too costly and time consuming. The device reads out the text by just scanning through the texts

Braille is on top of every button, otherwise the blind won't know what are they clicking

They really aware of every single need of the blind

Please kindly visit the website if anyone of your friends needs VoiceStick for reading

Warning : Don't strain your eyes too much on computer (oppss..)! I supposed to sleep now or at least, doing math ! Already accumulated tonnes of works to complete...Keep on procratinating, I should go and finish all my tasks.Soon, probably! Good night : )

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