Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let's move it !

My dad was looking some places to places his instruments recently, he decided to store all his instruments in my room. Har? Then what about me? My room was so small, some more I had to place the piano with me.(just started learning). After discussing with him, we decided to change my room to my sister's room.(she is working in KL).

After moving all my stuffs to my sister's room, I realized that there was one thing I coundn't move it myself alone, the piano ! So, I looked for some helping hands and eventually I found few of them !

Old room

Oh no ~! I forgot to capture the previous location before moving it. The piano was pretty heavy even 4 of us lifted it together. This is my previous room and now becomes a storeroom for my dad ! We had to lift the piano up then load it on a "moving board", which eases the moving task. The rollers are bigger compared to the piano's one, it minimized the damage to the floor, but still, not 100%...><

Tang Tang~!

We finally made it !The sound produced from the piano in this room is slightly different compared to my previous room. I expected that is because no open space for the sound to flow out. As you can see, the piano is surrounded by walls and cabinet ><. Ohkay, as I said just now, this is my sister's room, not mine. Don't blame me because the wall is Pink !

This is just a short post specially made to thank..

Ewe Shen,
Jia Jie,
Tian Siang ~

I owe you guys a meal ! Please appreciate this offer because my dad is the one who pays. Hahaha... Take care, friends :)

* Thanks for reading *

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