Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sex toys for dogs

This is a real story ! (No.1)

This new invention hocked up my memories.. Years ago, I went to a playground which nearby my old house,alone . It was my childhood playground and I was not feeling strange to the place and the dogs there. Each time I visit, I must have played with the dogs if possible. Once, I was lying on the bottom part enjoying the clear blue sky,thinking for nothing, mind was totally absent...

watching at the blue blue sky....

as usual,there were some dogs sniffing around the playground...

the dog noticed something !

Oh ? what was that? this little dog gone wild !

of course, it didn't really poke at me. it stood on top of me and started moving its ass...poking, moving, and enjoying its self-mating..What The Heck !? It came towards me and started poking at me? Omg ! that was disgusting !Omg... I faster pushed it, but it still followed me ! it even stood up and trying to poke me again...YuckK~~ I just walked away with tonne of "swt..." = =" .I was not get poked once, twice at the same place...I had forgotten this incident after period of time.

Real story no.2

I went to a steamboat gathering with my parents,it was organized by friend of my dad. They prepared plenty of food, with a proper dining room and and warm house. Soon I arrived, I found out there was a poodle at the balcony(sensed something wrong?). It was some kind of being caged . Brown little poodle~ Its owner brought it out of the cage and allowed us to play with it. It was a hyperactive one ! After playing with it, I had some chats with my dad's friend and started ignoring the jumping,licking little dog. BuT! that happened again !!

I had totally no idea what the heck this would happen again !? I faster pushed it away and went for the steamboat..

WTH?Am I look like a BITCH !? - -""""

that's really shit ! I am so happy when I first found out this new invention for the dogs !

Sex toys for doggies !

Hot Doll !

Hahaha....This may prevent the repeated tragic happens on my again !!

Are you having a lone dog at home? Is your dog keep poking at you, the same incident like mine? You may need it ><""!!
Designer : Clement Eloy


LittleTea said...

lolx. looks weird uhh,..

Jason Law said...

hahaha...yea,but that's fine as long the dogs enjoy it :)

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