Sunday, November 16, 2008

Google office - Best employer

We all know working with typical Chinese company is definitely tough. Being squeezed further than your salary is nothing new. Is your working environment tiring now? See how people "suffering" from their work XD

I am now showing what you get just working with them !
What is this alien Google ball for ? It is for decompression capsule that is impermeable to sound and light. A good place to reserve your "virtual privacy"...

Run For Your life ! -
Did you see anything wrong? No you didn't ! There are slides within the premise, this allow the employees to move around faster and do more works. Perhaps, it saves few of you...

Fat is good -
You can eat as much as you can~ Wohoo! Buffet every, that's killing me. All the employees can choose what to eat and when to stop. Is there any vacancy for part-timer?

Work station -
Each of them has at least 2 large screen. You can see that both are placing side by side. Probably you may gaming,listening and working at the same time !

The board -
Large boards is almost everything within the premise. They believe "Ideas don't always come just sitting in the office". That is pretty nice right?This really eases discussion !

Happy hour -
When you pay from your pocket to play, they get paid into their pocket to play ! This is how exactly people want to do during their resting time. It may boost up efficiency definitely after having enough rest.

I miss you, dear~ Muacks ! -
Hahaha....If you don't feel well speaking this out in front of your colleague, this lovely cabin is the ideal place for you. You can see they are very emphasized on privacy

Computer Tech-Stop ! -
No more virus,malware, corrupted HDD anymore ! Just bring your computer to the Tech-Stop if problem occurred. Wonder they accept personal computer from the house? Kindly serve yourself with a cup of coffee while waiting for your PC

Good Bye M.C.... -
This must be a nightmare for everyone of us ! Medical checkup available in the premise. This is a good step for a company, ensuring the health condition of the employee is good enough to proceed their tasks. Bye bye M.C

Another good rest -
Still remember those messaging chair you tried in shopping complex which costs so thousands of dollars? Again, this is one of their hospitality for the employees. You can manually control the chair and enjoying watching fishes in the aquarium...

Learning never stopped ! -
The environment in the library is awesome ! There are lots of books there. Grab one book, cup of coffee and treat yourselves at home !

Thank you Google for introducing all the utilities to the world

Source from : Hui San


TNH said...

Wow..this seem like going for vacation then work..i also want to work there too lo...

Jason Law said...

yeaa! that is so nice ! working at this environment definitely increase productivity of employees~ that's great

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