Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mobile house - Push it around

Today is totally occupied by the school again. I had class from 11am ~ 630pm ! Just finished a test, woohoo ! Furthermore, I don't need to go to school tomorrow(skipped 1 class :P) and no class on Friday due to some official factors, I have a 4 days mini holiday~ ^^ ~ !

After being spammed by my classmate, I decided to post one of my favorite from those spammed mails ! ( not spam actually, just too many to read at once ><" ) According to what I received, it stated those pictures are taken from Japan...Enjoy !

What is that?

Japanese's rental house !

Wow, that's so amazing. Lots of bicycle parked along the house. Good impression ! Eco-Green !

Haha,the process of building those "cabinets". Aren't they convenient? I may move them to other location if needed

The person seems like enjoying his own routine in the box. Is the design custom-made? The design likely to be different.

I love it so much ! So clean and so neat. I may rent one if there is one nearby my college

It is fully furnished! Wondering what is the price per day?per month?Japanese always has the unique creativity with them...

Please shout out any comment or suggest from your mind

source : Queenie

Thank you ^^


sabahking said...

i agree with u , japanese always have special design !!

Jason Law said...

Hi sabahking, nice meeting you. Yea ! They always have very unique design. I will post interesting stuffs in my blogs often, please come back often for further updates. Regards

Johnny Ong said...

def wont come cheap as japan is either the most expensive or 2nd most expensive place in the world

Jason Law said...

Hi Johnny, yea. It won't be cheap. Maybe it is still affordable for western people. anyhow, i love the ideas they used to have..their creativity is always unique

JOE E. said...

Hey jason! Thx for visiting my blog! Urs is pretty kewl too! Hey I was also gonna blog abt the "mobile houses" cos to me they're definitely hybrids. Guess u beat me to it ya...

Jason Law said...

Hey Joe-e ! Didn't expect you would be watching my blog~ Glad to see people going after creative stuffs like you. I really enjoy seeing things from ur blogs!

hahah,post it and share with people. Hope to see more updates from ur site. See u around ~^

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