Monday, November 24, 2008

Message for my baby

Baby, are you feeling better now? Things just don't so smooth especially a relationship. It goes tough when we are dealing with understanding and accepting each other. Yet, it goes worse if we don't make things clear.

The same mistake again,may occur,but don't be afraid my baby, we are doing better and better everytime we solve our problem.

You know,your laughter always eases my day and make me happy...Whenever you laugh and smile again,I know things are getting better,that really consoles and makes me smile in my heart.

Leaving a message here,just telling you and the people how I love my baby.

7 years yea ? hahah...that's exciting ! loL

I love you..


CazzyCazz said...

I see nothing, i hear nothing & i read nothing! Kekekekeke

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