Saturday, January 3, 2009

Korean Paper Comics

Are you a fan of Korean drama like my mum and the young one? They are great in producing films to make you laugh and cry, aren't it? Besides the ability in producing films, they are creative too, undeniable...

After reading the previous post Paper Sculptures, here comes another creative paper comics from Korea. ( Should be, since it's written in Korean ) They may be familiar for you as a comic character, because I have stopped reading comics for years, I have no ideas how the latest comics look like especially Korean one.

Korean Paper Comic

Sorry Mama ! I go and do my homework and stop watching Korean drama now...

What have I done wrong...It was just a kiss for my boyfriend..

Why can't you let me go? I just want to listen the song by the windows...

Ice cream...Yummy~

Don't pull my pant ! I will sue you

Arhhh ! Stop doing that, this is too public !

Nooo...I am exposing too much of the tiny one...

Hahaha...They are creative !
If anyone can read Korean, you may translate it for us. Thank you :)

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