Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 a whole new life

It is a whole new year 2009 !

Happy new year my friends, my family, my readers or blog walkers..

Please recall your achievement for the good year 2008, what have you done that makes your life meaningful and to be proud of? Or you simply wasted another year by wasting your time on silly stuffs?

If you feel that you did not spend the year 2008 wisely, do it now !

In the new year 2009! Draw out your wish list and to-do list for year 2009 then remind yourself frequently. Hopefully it boosts your productivity(oh?) and kick away your laziness...

Have you been complaining and not appreciate what you have?
Are you thinking too much for the future and forgot the present?
Be appreciative what you have and who you have with you !

I remember the movie, Kungfu Panda.

Why is today called "Present" ?

Because it is a present !

Take some times to review yourself on your attitude and perception towards your life.

Happy 2009 ~!

just change !

Posted at 12:00 AM 1/1/09 (GMT +08:00)

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